Predela 2 Bansko

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 Bansko World Cup 2009  Bansko the premier Ski Resort in Eastern Europe.

This site  is for the  owners of apartments within the Predela-2 Complex Bansko Bulgaria. The owners group was formed in order to bring  investor owners together  in order to represent the best interests of the majority of owners in all aspects concerning the management and operation of the Predela-2 complex. Of the total 68 apartments within the complex membership within the owners group currently accounts for 56 of these apartments.

Managing Council:

Currently 7 of the members form the owners management council  owners who wish to be included/active within the committee should contact David 65, (gatekeeper)

Non members, existing or prospective new owners who would wish to be included within the membership should also apply via the gatekeeper

This website and its message board are generated exclusively for use of Predela-2 owner group members. We are a newly formed group and as such still finding our feet and all members are encouraged to use the message board when wishing to post information that may be of interest to the membership as a whole however please be aware all messages sent for posting should not in any way be deemed offensive to any party the basic request is please keep it ‘Honest, Decent & Truthful’.

David 65